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In fact, at one time, it may have been considered libelous or slanderous but These bastions of intellectual thought told me my book contained too much information about me. Their likes, dislikes, fears, emotions the whole ball of wax.

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Once the cake is eaten, it is gone. It can be used to say that one cannot have two incompatible things, or that one should not try to have more than is reasonable. The proverb's meaning is similar to the phrases "you can't have it both ways" and "you can't have the best of both worlds".

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For those unfamiliar with it, the proverb may sound confusing due to the ambiguity of the word 'have', which can mean 'keep' or 'to have in one's possession', but which can also be used as a synonym for 'eat' e. Some people feel the common form of the proverb is incorrect or illogical and instead prefer: " You can't eat your cake and [then still] have it too ". Indeed, this used to be the most common form of the expression until the 's's, when it was overtaken by the have-eat variant.

Having to choose whether to have or eat your cake illustrates the concept of trade-offs or opportunity cost. An early recording of the phrase is in a letter on 14 March from Thomas, Duke of Norfolk , to Thomas Cromwell , as "a man can not have his cake and eat his cake". In Jonathan Swift 's farce "Polite Conversation", the character Lady Answerall says "she cannot eat her cake and have her cake". Knopf's Document Transcriptions of the War of According to Google Ngram Viewer , a search engine that charts the frequencies of phrases throughout the decades, the eat-have order used to be the most common variant at least in written form before being surpassed by the have-eat version in the 's and 40's.

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In , the eat-have variant played a role in the apprehension of the Unabomber, whose real name is Ted Kaczynski. Fitzgerald, an FBI forensic linguist , noted this then uncommon variant of the proverb and later discovered that Kaczynski had also used it in a letter to his mother. This, among other clues, led to his identification and arrest. In her book, classicist Katharina Volk of Columbia University used the phrase to describe the development of poetic imagery in didactic Latin poetry , naming the principle behind the imagery's adoption and application the "have-one's-cake-and-eat-it-too principle".

The proverb, while commonly used, is at times questioned by people who feel the expression to be illogical or incorrect. As comedian Billy Connolly once put it: "What good is [having] a cake if you can't eat it? Brians argues that "You can't eat your cake and have it too" is a more logical variant than "You can't have your cake and eat it too", because the verb-order of "eat-have" makes more sense: once you've eaten your cake, you don't have it anymore.

Ben Zimmer , writing for the Language Log of the University of Pennsylvania , states that the interpretation of the two variants relies on the assumption of either sequentiality or simultaneity. If one believes the phrase to imply sequentiality, then the "eat-have" variant could be seen as a more logical form: you cannot eat your cake and then still have it, but you actually can have your cake and then eat it. The former phrase would demonstrate an impossibility better, while the latter phrase is more of a statement of fact, arguably making it less suitable as an idiomatic proverb.

However, if one believes the "and" conjoining the verbs to imply simultaneity of action rather than sequentiality of action, then both versions are usable as an idiom, because "cake-eating and cake-having are mutually exclusive activities, regardless of the syntactic ordering", Zimmer writes. In response, Richard Mason disagreed with Zimmer's assertion on the mutually exclusiveness of the two actions: "simultaneous cake-having and cake-eating are NOT mutually exclusive. On the contrary, generally I cannot eat something at any time when I do not have it. But I eat things when I have them all the time.

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So that one or two can do all of the converting. Step 1. You do that through awesome content that makes them laugh or helps them solve some problem. Then you pull them back to your site. But this website traffic will help you create a new custom audience.

And then you go somewhere else without buying.

But everywhere you go, ads from the Wynn follow you around! Those are retargeting ads. They placed a little pixel on your device when you visited their site. And now they can send you follow-up messages to get you to come back to eventually spend some money. And then automatically send them ads for something related to what they just looked at. So you might start out with something lighthearted to get their attention.

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Or a useful blog post. One reason? In the early stages here, you need enough eyeballs to get fast, relevant data. So you can target a fairly large audience of roughly , up to two million people at this point. Smaller budget? Then you can refine with demographic criteria like location, age, gender, etc.

Step 2. Now you can capitalize on that by sending those people offers that will transform them from strangers into leads. The point is to get some basic information from them for the least amount of money possible.

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Your audience targeting at this step should be easy, too. Simply send these ads to the custom audience of past website visits you just created!

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That way, your brand should still be fresh in their minds. And the right offer will still catch their attention. Step 3. So now you just need to send them product offers that are too good to be true so they hand over their payment info. Do you sell high priced products or services?

No problem. You too can sell using Facebook ads. You just need to scale down your offer, first. They should be ready, willing, and able now. This looks a little time-consuming because it is.

The first campaign will bring people in. The second will warm them up. And the third will get them to convert. Now you know the secret. You need to have a few campaigns running, simultaneously, to slowly but surely transform strangers into loyal customers. But… how are you supposed to come up with a budget for something like that? That way we can start estimating your sales. So… how much is it going to cost to get those 1, clicks?